Traffic Tech is comprised of two different companies operating in the field of intelligent traffic
management, smart parking and access control and security, as well as industrial weighing

For over three decades, Traffic Tech has developed and utilized fundamental engineering,
technologically advanced system integrations and contracting and services capabilities, which has
solidified the company’s role as a leader in the specialized flied throughout the Middle East and the

Established in 1985 in Amman, Jordan, Traffic Tech Middle East Co. (TTME) is operational in various
countries in the region and offers its services in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and the
Palestinian Authority Area.

Traffic Tech (Jordan) Co. (TTJ) was established in 1994 as the main contractor of TTME in Jordan
and is registered as a Grade B Electrical Contractor with the Ministry of Public Works and the
Jordanian Construction Contractors Association. TTJ offers services in the fields of traffic control,
industrial weighing and general low-current electrical projects.


Our Mission

Traffic Tech aims at being the leading provider for intelligent traffic solutions in the Middle East, with
services ranging from traffic monitoring and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to traffic control and safety equipment.

Traffic Tech also aims at being a preferred partner for patrons who are looking for safe and efficient solutions in the field of transport and intelligent traffic systems in the region.

Supporting Strategies

- To apply the best technologies in the middle east by studying and analyzing world-wide solutions,
whereby long term and positive relationships are established with relevant suppliers.

- To offer clients a full range and comprehensive range of solutions which use the integration
approach when applicable.

- To provide a full customer experience, starting with the early stages of design and concluding with
installation, in addition to after sale services. This can be executed by our professional and highly
capable team.