Traffic-Tech Jo offers state of the art technologies and solutions in security services, which include a
wide range of diverse communication systems with IP network integrations. The advanced and
exclusive machinery and equipment available at Traffic Tech Jo are ideal for corporate business and
government establishments looking to completely secure their premises, as well traffic and transport

Our wide variety of security systems include:

• Access Control Systems, featuring:
- Network and independent access control systems
- Radio frequency identification (RFID) Systems
- Biometric fingerprinting systems
- Speed gates, turnstiles, and revolving door installation
- High security and anti-terrorist access control systems

• Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

- Digital video over IP Networks
- Remote video over ISDN & GPRS
- Conventional analog video
- Digital in-car video systems for police usage
- Smart eye – portable pan-till-zoom camera system

• High Security and Anti-Terrorist Access Control Systems

- Road Block and bollards
- Under-vehicle surveillance systems UVSS

• Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

- Capable of monitoring black listed and suspicious vehicles
- Use of mobile applications: Installed in police vehicles for use in surveillance for stolen and
outlawed vehicles.
- Parking Mode: Vehicle access control solutions especially designed for paid parking lots and
secured parking. This system may be installed as part of an Integrated Parking Management System.