In order to bring advanced road technology closer to the consumer, Traffic Tech has expanded on
conventional security systems methods to create a comprehensive and automated multi-functional
access control system.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology allows for automated access on plate
numbers in a variety of ways, which includes extracting numbers and alphabets in a fraction of a
second and converting it into a computer- recognizable format.

The system uses the latest technologies in ANPR software, cameras, triggering devices (induction
loops), management software and data base to be able to recognize these numbers easily.

There are many uses of ANPR, which include:  

- The ability to monitor suspicious or black-listed vehicles.

- Can be used by police and authority cars to use the technology through the mobile application for
instances of surveillance.

- Can be used for parking solutions, as is allows for vehicle access into paid and secure parking
structures through the parking mode. This system also plays a big role in any Integrated Parking
Management System.