Traffic Tech has solidified its role as a leader in the traffic technology field in Jordan for over three decades and is the leading provider of traffic monitoring and surveillance systems in the country.

Responsible for approximately 90% of the market’s share of traffic monitoring and technology, the range of products in Traffic Tech cover everything from Red Light Cameras to Speed Cameras and In-Vehicle Radar systems.

Product and Services 

Traffic Tech showcases extensive expertise in the most readily available traffic detection technologies
and their implementation in traffic monitoring, surveillance & law enforcement fields.

This is made possible by the use of the most up-to-date equipment, which include:

CCTV Surveillance
Incident Detection Systems
Red Light Violation Cameras including ANPR capabilities.
Speed Violation Cameras (Speed radars)
Laser Gun Speed measurement systems.
Over-Height Vehicle Detection Systems (OVDS)
Digital In-Car Video System for Police Applications
Video Detection Systems