Specializing in traffic signal analysis, design and installations, as well as intersection design and
comprehensive urban traffic control systems, the engineering experts at Traffic Tech deliver cutting
edge solutions for urban traffic control systems with the use of advanced traffic signal controllers, Traffic Tech is able to configure road intersections by utilizing actuated or adaptive operations. In addition, loop detectors and video detector systems are also used to ensure that traffic signal operation at intersections are optimized to achieve safe and efficient traffic flow.

As experts in the field of traffic control, the team behind Traffic Tech, armed the latest technologies,
are able to optimize traffic flow throughout multiple junctions using control systems that adjust signal
timings in response to changing traffic patterns at any given location.

Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS®)

The ability to control different junctions is facilitated by the use of the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive
Traffic System (SCATS®), which is a traffic management system that is used to link multiple traffic signal controllers together to reduce travel times and fuel consumption. As the most advanced and
widely used system, the SCATS® is the world’s most fully adaptive Urban Traffic Control (UTC) system available today.

Developed in Australia by the Roads & Maritime Services RMS (previously RTA), testing for the
systems capabilities has taken place on actual traffic conditions, making it highly reliable in mirroring
the real needs in traffic control.

Features and Benefits of SCATS®:

- Provides road users with a lower number for traffic stops, reduced travel times, and significant fuel
- Detects real time changes in traffic flow and constantly adjusts timing parameters to match changing
traffic patterns and achieve optimized operations.
- User friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows for an easy to use operation.
- Hierarchical structure of signal control facilitates a “modular” approach to system expansion.
- Can be upgraded or expanded to meet changing requirements.
- Other applications can be integrated into the system.
- Provides details/reports of traffic flows for other planning purposes.
- SCATS® enables a hierarchical system of fall back operation in the event of temporary
communications failure. Such equipment faults are monitored by the system.

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