Offering the latest and most updated intelligent transportation systems (ITS), Traffic Tech’s expertise
includes professional design, system integration, installation, calibration, and operation of these ITS technologies. In addition, Traffic Tech’s offerings also include Weigh In Motion (WIM) and Truck
Weigh Stations, which support the technologies of Commercial Vehicle Operations (CVO).

Offering a comprehensive range of solutions, Traffic Tech also offers portable weighing scales for
trucks, and other weighing equipment that can easily be used at airports, railways, seaports and other
various commercial and industrial locations.

Our wide variety of equipment includes:

Truck weighing stations
Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) scales
Axle load scales
Truck scales (weighbridges)
Over-height vehicle detection systems (OVDS)
Railroad track scales
Airport check-in conveyor scales
Batching systems, conveyor belt scales, and bench scales

Other services include:

Axle load surveys
Calibration services

Traffic Tech has also installed over 150 truck scales and portable scales throughout the country and
the region, which are being utilized at ports, free zones and industrial areas. In Jordan, these
locations include the Aqaba Ports, the Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT), the Jordan Phosphate Mines
and the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

For a full list of our Truck Scales Installation Projects, please Click Here.